New Puppy Package
Candia & Liane Brown - Redwood Shores, CA

Three weeks ago, my daughter and I met the joy of our lives, Keyara.  My daughter "earned" a puppy for being an excellent 1st grader.  But little did I
realize that she'd be as much fun for me as well.  Keyara is a true sweetheart. She's playful, energetic, quick learner and knows exactly what she
wants.  Perfect fit for our family!  I didn't own a dog when I was growing up so this is a new experience for us.  Chelle was very consultative with us.  
They offered great advice on picking our puppy, setting up her home, feeding and training.  The Puggle book is an excellent resource also.  
Keyara has truly added lots of laughs and energy to our home.
Mary, Daniel and Kids –  Los Angeles

Our family was considering a Beagle but discovered the Puggle in the process.  
Chelle’s website is so informative that I still visit it (plus I
love looking at the Puggle portraits).   Chelle walked us through the process and gave us
supporting materials which was critical.  This is
the kids and my first dog and Luna could not have been a better choice.   Our children are in love!  

Thank you Chelle for doing what you do.     
Kim and Larry - Danville, CA

Coming from a family of longtime Pug lovers, after being introduced to Puggles we were quickly convinced this was the breed for us.  We
found Chelle’s website and fell in love with her wonderful Puggle portraits.   We are incredibly grateful to Chelle for her consistent help both
before and after we brought home our Puggles, Hubbell and Katie.  As puppy novices, we had more than a few questions and Chelle has
always been there for us.  
Her knowledge, professionalism and genuine care for animals reflect all the qualities we were looking for.   
If you would like to leave us your testimonial, please email us and let us know how
the New Puppy Package has worked for you and your new puppy!!
Thank you!
Ron M. - Petaluma, CA

Our handsome little boy Tucker came to us by airplane.   Since we had never owned a puppy before we were both a little skeptical about going
to the airport to pick up a puppy.    
Chelle had provided us with detailed information on what to bring and what to expect.  She hit everything
right on the button!!

Thanks Chelle for everything you did for us!!!  Tucker has already brought so much joy and love to our lives.
Jeff & Susan - Redwood City, CA

Preston is a wonderful puppy, a cutie and a smarty.   We are thrilled to have him in our life and can't imagine a day without him.  

We are glad that we have found Chelle who has a
great knowledge on Puggles.  

Thanks! Chelle.

Katie and Hubbell
Bradley and Teresa – San Francisco , CA

As a first time puppy owner,
the guidance that Chelle provided was invaluable and it made the transition a lot easier for all of us.  She
was also happy to answer any questions we had after we took our Puppy Emma home.  

Thank you!
Thanks for such a quick response! Wanted to let you know that my mother, who lives in the Bay Area, was
at her dog park and saw a woman with two puggles. She asked her a million questions (now you see
where I get it from).  She couldn't say enough about you and your caring manner, both with the puppies
and new owners. Just wanted to let you know you have a great reputation out there.  Thanks again for
your patience with me and all my questions!! "
Janet - San Diego, CA
Brian and Beth-San Bruno, CA

Chelle made it very easy for us with the New Puppy Preparation Package that was provided.   
She took the time to explain the shots, training
tips, and basic needs for us first time dog owners
. We are very fortunate to have found Chelle.
Gabe and Janel – Santa Rosa CA

Thank you again for having you are amazing!

Gabe, Janel, Sierra & Delylah
Natasha and Rith -  Chicago, IL

Once we decided we wanted a Puggle there was no other option for us than to find a puppy and raise him as a member of our family

I grew up with 2 Rotteweilers and Rith has never owned a pet. We had a pretty big difference in experience with dogs between us. The
major thing we were concerned about was that neither of us had a puppy before.

Chelle prepared us for every situation imaginable, separation anxiety, crate training, potty training, to name a few. The paperwork and
preparation she provided us was key. Sure, we'd read a lot of books but nothing had that personal touch that Chelle added. I'm the
type of person that would rather find out what would work best for our puppy when he got home and go from there. But knowing that
buying a puppy was a great undertaking, I trusted Chelle and her prep lists and got everything set up exactly as she recommended a
month before he arrived.

Mason's first night home was wonderful (and every day after that of course). He's got designated areas to sleep, to play and potty. He's
learned boundaries and is a lovable, respectful member of our family. Chelle's guidelines and recommendations were truly a
life-saver and we can't thank her enough.
Anne & Mike, Sacramento Ca

My husband and I recently decided to add a puppy to our family.  There are lots of opinions out there and we are so happy we found
the New Puppy Preparation Package.  We knew what to expect and we knew what we needed to have ready – we had no idea how
much we didn’t know. The New Puppy Preparation Package allowed us be comfortable, relaxed and well prepared for our new
addition. We've had our puppy a month now and wouldn't do anything differently. I highly recommend the New Puppy Preparation