Welcome to Designer Doggies New Puppy Preparation Page
Wouldn't you like to know the best way to
raise your new puppy right from the start?  
There are many "opinions" out there, but
who's advice do you take?  

The New Puppy Preparation Package will
give you the tools to set you up for

Designer Doggies has been around the
business for a long time and knows
what you need in order to prepare correctly for
a new puppy.  Whether its training tips, money
saving tips, how to set up an area for your new
puppy, supplies, or general helpful info you
are needing, all of this AND MORE will be in
this package.

You want to begin by doing things right -
Prepare for your new addition
bring your new puppy home.

New Puppy Preparation Package
 This package gives you all the
necessary information needed before you get
a new puppy.  Just click around on my
Website and you will find all the information
you need.

Preparing and Raising a puppy isn't easy, but
I can show you the most effective ways that
will help you immensely.  
See our
Testimonials below!
"Charlie Blue"
Only $19.95

New Puppy Package Testimonials
Natasha and Rith -  Chicago, IL

Once we decided we wanted a Puggle there was no other option for us than to find a puppy and raise him as a member of our family

I grew up with 2 Rotteweilers and Rith has never owned a pet. We had a pretty big difference in experience with dogs between us. The
major thing we were concerned about was that neither of us had a puppy before.

Chelle prepared us for every situation imaginable, separation anxiety, crate training, potty training, to name a few. The paperwork and
preparation she provided us was key. Sure, we'd read a lot of books but nothing had that personal touch that Chelle added. I'm the
type of person that would rather find out what would work best for our puppy when he got home and go from there. But knowing that
buying a puppy was a great undertaking, I trusted Chelle and her prep lists and got everything set up exactly as she recommended a
month before he arrived.

Mason's first night home was wonderful (and every day after that of course). He's got designated areas to sleep, to play and potty. He's
learned boundaries and is a lovable, respectful member of our family. Chelle's guidelines and recommendations were truly a
life-saver and we can't thank her enough.
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Anne & Mike, Sacramento Ca

My husband and I recently decided to add a puppy to our family.  There are lots of opinions out there and we are so happy we found
the New Puppy Preparation Package.  We knew what to expect and we knew what we needed to have ready – we had no idea how
much we didn’t know. The New Puppy Preparation Package allowed us be comfortable, relaxed and well prepared for our new
addition. We've had our puppy a month now and wouldn't do anything differently. I highly recommend the New Puppy Preparation