Try to go to the Shelters or Rescue Organizations to search for your first dog. You'll
be saving a life.
Most people think they just don't know what they will end up with
by getting a shelter dog, when in fact, the volunteers and staff will know if the dog is
good with children, good with other dogs or cats, housebroken, etc.  Really, any dog
can be trained to be a "good dog".  We recommend watching The Dog Whisperer with
Cesar Milan on the National Geographic Channel.  Great show, and you will learn that
one key to having a good dog is having a tired dog....which means lots of structured
exercise.  It is not good enough to just "have a large back yard". Most dogs will want
to spend their time where their owners are, which means they will not be giving
themselves their own exercise out in the yard, and it will be up to you to be
responsible in getting your dog the daily walks and exercise it will need.

There are so many dogs in shelters, and is said that between 1/3-50% of them are
Purebreds.  You are bound to find a wonderful dog in a shelter or breed rescue

There are more than 1 Million animals euthanized per year. Very sad and crazy. So
we really would like to hear first that you searched the shelters before coming to us for
your new puppy.

Please also
Spay or Neuter your pets!  If you Neuter your Male dog by 6 months of
age, (normally as early as 4.5 months-6 months of age) you will
drastically reduce the
chances for Cancer. This can also diminish development of undesirable characteristics
making your dog a more enjoyable family member. Also, your dog's personality will
only get better, if he is neutered early in life.  If you have a Female, you will need to
Spay her before her first heat, which could be as early as 5 months of age.  This will
reduce risk of Cancer by 90%!!!!!  So please, Spay or Neuter your animals around the
4.5 month age mark.  This is normally just after their final set of shots that they need.  
There are many low cost spay or neuter clinics, the actual procedure is easy, and takes
10-15 minutes while in surgery, and normally you would pick up your pet at the end
of the day after they have recovered from the anesthesia.

Please never send your problem dog to a shelter.  What is a problem for you is
sometimes a Gem for someone else in a different situation to yours.  Please try and list your dog there to find the right home for it.  Please don't do
anything drastic!....Please be patient!  Most dogs grow out of their puppy behavior just
after the year mark.  As long as you have spent time training your dog, things will
settle down after they turn 1 year.  We know from experience!!
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