Frequently Asked

1.  Q:  Do you sell Puppies?
A:  No, I do not sell Puppies, I can prepare you for a puppy better than anyone out there.  What used
to be available for purchase for $19.95 for the New Puppy Preparation Package, is now FREE.  All
the information is now available for free on my Website.  You're welcome.  :)

Q:  Where is the best place to find my new puppy?
A:  Please check your local Shelters, and then local breeders.

Q: Is a hybrid just another fancy name for a mutt?
A: No, there are 3 classes of dogs. A Hybrid, a Mixed  Breed (also known as  a mutt) and a

Q: What is the difference between a mixed breed and a hybrid?
A:  A mixed breed is usually conceived through a random encounter or by accident. There isn’t much
thought given into it and the results are unpredictable. A hybrid on the other hand is made by a
competent breeder taking two registered purebreds and mating them together for specific reasons.
There is a lot of care taken to make sure the dogs come from good lines, not having any genetic
defects, making sure the female is larger than the male to assure the female is taken care of and
less likely to have birthing problems... Many breeders now have multiple generations of good hybrid
breeding with predictable results.

Q: Why are they called designer dogs?
A: In the Hybrid world, when they use the term "Designer Dog", they are bred for specific reasons,
for example: minimizing allergies to shedding and dander, size, or having good temperaments as
family pets.  The term sometimes refers to them in a popular sense as well. You could have a
purebred that you consider your own "designer dog".  This could be for other reasons such as
keeping your dog groomed, dressing your dog in adorable clothing, and pampering and spoiling your
dog, no matter the breed.

Q: Where can I get my new puppy?
A: The first place you should check with is your local shelter or humane society. There are many
great dogs to be found there and you just may find what you’re looking for. I know plenty of people
that were able to find the absolute perfect dog for them at a Shelter.  Once you've tried the shelters
and humane society, if you still have not found the one that suits your living needs, you can check
with me and I may be able to refer you to a source to find a particular Breed.

Q: Do hybrids have more health problems than purebreds?
A: No, Most experts agree that purebred dogs tend to have a higher incidence of hereditary genetic
defects. This is because sometimes purebred breeders are focused on physical and temperament
traits, in the hopes of producing a dog that will show well. The best purebred breeders will do their
best to reduce these risks but cannot guarantee them.  In terms of Hybrids, you would want to look
for First Generation.  Since there is no health history out there on 2nd generation, it might be best to
stick to 1st generation hybrids.  Any dog can get any issue really, but they do say that hybrids tend
to have less health issues than purebreds.

Q: What is the most popular hybrid?
A: The Puggle is still the most popular hybrid at this time.  However, Poodle mixes are very popular
as well due to their limited shedding.  For Example, the Cockapoo, Shihpoo and Cavapoo.

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