The Designer Doggie Den for your own Designer Doggie!
Below you will find examples of our Designer Doggie Custom Made Doggie Dens to make
any crate into a nice end table for your living area!
Designer Doggie Dens &
Name Plates
This is an example of the
Designer Doggie Den in Natural
Pine before any stain was applied.
(Etching on the wood is available
for additional fee.)
In the 2nd image, the example of
a Designer Doggie Den was
stained with the Cherry stain.

You can order the Designer
Doggie Den and Name Plates in
Natural Pine and just stain
yourself if you are trying to make
it so it matches your other

We have put Doggie Den Orders
on hold but this page will give you
examples of what we can make...

Monty's Crate is a Life Stages
crate also by Midwest brand.  His
model # is 1624DD.  The
dimensions on this crate read:
24 L, 18 W, 21 H so his we are
building will be a bit taller.

What we have discovered is that
the crates are not exactly as the
dimensions read on the actual
crate, so you will need to give us
all the info above,
and measure
yourself to confirm dimensions.  3
crates we measured were off by
an inch here or there so this is
very important that you measure
before you order with us.

Thanks for visiting!!
Crate Name Plate - Cherry
Crate Name Plates
Crate Name Plates
Doggie Den in Red Chestnut
Available Stain Color Examples:
Red Chestnut
Natural Pine (no stain)
Red Chestnut 232:
This is "Monty" the Boston Terrier
in his Custom Doggie Den
Stained in Red Chestnut
Crate Name Plates:
Name Plate "Natural Pine"
No stain applied:
This is Frankie's Doggie Den before staining
Designer Doggie Den in Natural Pine
This is Monty's New Doggie Den - stained in Red Chestnut!
This is Frankie's Doggie Den finished in Cherry - Monty is relaxing
Designer Doggie Den in Cherry
This is an example of another use
for the Doggie Den with just a dog
bed inside of it.