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Who IS DesignerDoggies?

Welcome to DesignerDoggies.com!  You will begin to see more and more items related to
Designer Doggies and will soon be able to purchase a GoBadge with a Paw and our Logo
on it to celebrate your own Designer Dog.  If you believe you have a Designer Dog, whether it
be a purebred or a hybrid, or a general mixed breed, you will
love the GoBadge!  Go to the
home page and click on GoBadge and you can view it.

Unfortunately, we do not sell Puppies.  You can however, find lots of adorable Puppy Portraits
on our Site, with examples of many different breeds.

PUPPY PREPARATION:  No one will give you as much prep information as I do when
preparing you for a puppy.  No matter where you get your puppy, no matter how much you
think you already know, you
WILL need more information!  Browse through my site and you
will find more information that is necessary in preparing for and raising a puppy.

This site contains all of my own photographs.  The puppy portrait pages are a great place to
examples of certain breeds.  These are only examples - We do not breed all of these, nor
do we sell them, they are just there so you are able to see what variations a particular breed
can look like.  Keep in mind that a hybrid breed may not always look the same.  They are
different than purebred breeds, often there are many variations within a hybrid breed.

My Puppy Portraits have been featured in, to name a few: Barron's Puggle Book, Kennel
Club Books Puggle Book, the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Cosmopolitan, Bucks
Magazine,The Chicago Tribune,  and others.  I have also appeared with one of my Puggles
on KTVU’s “Mornings on 2” in Oakland California and The 10 O’clock News in San
Francisco.  You can see my
'IN THE NEWS' page which will list in detail where my images
have been!!  You can find this page from my
HOME page as well.

On this site you will find:

PUPPY PREPARATION: This information is a MUST when bringing home a new puppy.

The BEST PUPPY PORTRAITS:  You will find hundreds of Puppy Portraits on my website.
More Puggles and Bostons than anything but several different breeds as well. Have fun!

Custom made Designer Doggie Dens & Name Plates - We now create custom made
Designer Doggie Dens & Name Plates for your doggies crate.  Please see our Doggie Den
page - you will LOVE these!!  Dress up your house with a Designer Doggie Den!
**Production on these have slowed down so email if you have questions and I can tell you if
we are still producing them at this time.

Recognized Hybrids Page - This list will give you the 50 most common Hybrids, and a list
from the ACHC!

Rescue Page -  Each time I hear from someone needing help in finding their dog a home, or
a puppy with special needs, I will post the information here.  I also have a link to humane
societies in your area under our Links page.

Puggle Items - In the past we have offered a very nice hard-cover Puggle Book by Kennel
Club Books.  This book as well as another Puggle book in the pet stores contains my Puggle
Photographs and you can find these books on Amazon or in local pet stores.  If you are
looking for a Puggle Calendar, BrownTrout Publishers has a great one where you will see my
images more and more.  They have selected my photographs since 2006.

Pet Portraits - If you would like Professional Portraits of your own Designer Doggie, contact
me for pricing and availability.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and please email or call if you have any questions!!

Meet Chelle Rohde, Photographer, Puppy Lover
and Website Owner:
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Photographers Assistant, Yes Man and super
great guy:
Meet Frankie, Scarlett, and Charlie Blue!
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